Must Have Pet Tag Connector!!!

This product has saved our sanity!!!

We brought Halia home from Santa Rosa, California the last of May 2016. By July she had lost her tags several times. We found them in the car, on her bed and one tag we lost for good and it had to be replaced.

Our sweet Halia with her jazzy tag connector

UNTIL…………..we found this handy dandy tag connector. It was easy to use, comes in a variety of colors and is very lightweight. Very inexpensive too – which is always a plus!!

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Click on the link below to check out this amazing deal.


Every pet parent HAS to have this to safeguard their precious pet and their information. Don’t lose you tags every again!! Easy, safe and cheap way to save your sanity.

Order several great colors today.

18 thoughts on “Must Have Pet Tag Connector!!!

  1. We keep our dog’s collar off a lot since he’s an indoor dog. I don’t like hearing the clanging!! He only wears his collar when we go on walks, etc. I bet this is a great product, though! Thanks for sharing your dog tips at Literacy Musing Mondays!

  2. We only put Copper’s tags on when we go camping or take him out somewhere, because his tags are loud and I don’t want to lose them, will check this out!

    1. Thanks, Michelle. Halia is lab and golden. She is small – only about 54 pounds and just turned 3 a few days after Christmas. Check out the tag connectors – they are great!! Thanks for stopping and sharing. Happy Tails.

  3. I know I already commented back in April, but when I saw the post again, I though – where was this gadget
    when we had our big lab! Thanks for linking up again with #TuneInThursday last week. Hope to see you tomorrow too.

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